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Could you cook one extra portion of dinner for an older neighbour?


Volunteering for Meal Makers couldn’t be easier. We’ve specifically designed it this way so you can simply volunteer and start sharing meals with someone in your local community.


Why Volunteer?


Meal Makers offers you a unique opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life. Here are just some of the reasons to volunteer:

  • It’s convenient. We’ll try our best to pair you with someone in your community so you won’t have to go far. We’ll also pair you with someone who has similar dietary interests so you’re not having to create meals you wouldn’t normally make.
  • It’s flexible. We work round your availability and schedule as best we can.
  • It’s a great way to help someone. Giving just one hour a week to an older person can make a world of difference.
  • It combines your love of cooking with helping another person. Just plate up an extra portion of what you’re cooking that day anyway and take it over to your Diner.
  • You’ll get a lot out of it. Our Cooks are constantly saying how much enjoyment they get from the older people we pair them with.
  • Signing up takes 5 minutes. Just complete the form below.

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Volunteering FAQs


How often do I need to cook a meal?
This all depends on the time you’ve got to give. The majority of people share a meal with someone once a week for about an hour. Some people share more than this but some share less. It’s entirely up to you. We’d just make sure to pair you with someone that has similar expectations of the service.
How far will I have to travel?
We aim to match Cooks with Diners who live close to them, so it is usually within walking distance or a reasonable local travelling distance. However, how far you are prepared to travel is entirely up to you. New Diners are joining Meal Makers all the time, so if there isn’t anybody close enough to you, please keep checking back regularly, as it won’t be long before we have a Diner in your local area.
What should I cook?
It’s completely up to you! When you are browsing the website for Diners, you can see their profiles which include their food preferences and any dietary restrictions they may have. When you call your Diner for the first time, you can discuss what things you like to cook and what you would like to bring round for your first meal share. Some older people tend to find large meals off-putting and like to eat little and often, so there’s no need to go crazy with your portion sizes!
How should I deliver my meal?
We recommend using a disposable take-away box or sturdy tupperware. As you get to know your Diner and if you are cooking regularly for them you might want to use crockery and pick it up when you next go round, however this is totally up to you. Microwave-safe containers are best if possible.
Do I go into the Diner’s home?
That’s completely up to you and your Diner. Our Diners are very friendly and will often invite you in for a cuppa and a chat, but only do that if you are comfortable. If you prefer to exchange the meal on the doorstep then that’s entirely up to you.
What if you’re not operating in my area?
We need to prioritise the areas where we can make a real impact so if we’re not currently focusing on your area please sign up so we can establish demand.