COVID-19: Learn what we’re doing to ensure everyone’s safety at this time

Updated: 17/05/21


Everyone is affected by COVID-19 and at Meal Makers our priority remains to ensure the safety of our Cooks and Diners at this time. We’ve taken steps to adapt our service provision to coincide with government and NHS guidelines. We still continue to operate with slight adjustments made to cater for individual circumstances and be flexible to adapt to the changing environment. If you want to be a part of Meal Makers, click on the buttons below:

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What are you doing to ensure everyone’s safety at Meal Makers?

Ensuring everyone is safe to volunteer and also to benefit our service is very important to us and we’ve taken the following steps to ensure everyone’s safety during COVID-19:

    •Ensuring Cooks and Diners, and members of their household, are free from COVID-19 symptoms before each meal share
    •Providing government, NHS and Food Standards Scotland up-to-date guidance to our Cooks so they are kept informed and confident about the latest developments
    •Working more closely with family members or friends of Diners to ensure the safety of the Cooks and Diners
    •Offering alternative service provision to our Diners either through food delivery at the door or through our Phone Friends service that supports them with a regular call from a Phone Friend to address feelings of loneliness or isolation
    •We have regular ‘check in’ contact with Cooks and Diners to ensure COVID-19 guidance is being followed

Could I arrange for someone just to drop the food off and not have direct contact?

Yes. Whatever you feel most comfortable with we can try to accommodate.

How are you staying informed about COVID-19 developments?

We’re taking guidance from the Scottish Government, NHS andFood Standards Scotland for up-to-date information at this time.

Do you accept referrals from people who have cognitive decline (e.g. dementia) or memory problems at this time?

Yes. However we wouldn’t put our Cooks in a position that might risk their safety, so we would need to be sure that the person, or their family, were able to communicate any COVID-19 symptoms as and when required.