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Meal Sharing FAQs


How often should I receive a meal?
The majority of people share a meal with someone once a week. Some people share more than this but some share less. It’s entirely up to you. We’d just make sure to pair you with someone that has similar expectations.
What type of person will you pair me with?
We would try and pair you with someone who has similar hobbies and interests and also dietary requirements. One thing all of our volunteers have in common is that they love cooking and they want to share their delicious food and get to know people in their local community.
Do I need to pay?
The only fee associated with Meal Makers is an annual subscription of £25 that we would take once you’ve been paired with a Cook. You don’t pay the Cook for the meals.
What background checks do you do on the Cooks?
We have a strict vetting process for all Cooks that involves; a PVG criminal record check, food hygiene quiz, id check and induction session.